#7Days1Song – 001 – Acoustic Guitar




This is a kind of weekly post that I’m planning on doing, but I dont know If I’ll have time to post every week, so, I’m not going to be perfeccionist about it …



Well, about the songs, I’ll choose some songs that I like, always with a “theme”, this first one is about acoustic songs, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t make another one about acoustic songs, …
About the songs, I’m going to write a little bit about the band or artist, and the songs history. After that, I’ll just give my impression about it.


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New year, new blog

First of all

Happy 2014 guys! \0/

If you’re thinking you’re on the wrong place, you’re not, don’t be scared, everything changed here.

Well, let’s talk about it, 2014 is here, and I’m trully inclined to make quality posts to my blog.

What the hell ? English now?

I choose to start writing in English because I really need to practice and I think that I can reach more people with the “global” language. I’m also thinking about installing a plug-in to translate the posts to my dear countrymen from brazil, but it’s just a plan, while get used to english, that’s all I can give you.

Content, changes, hipster, art, …

You must be wondering, “what the hell this guy is going to post about ?” and the answer is simple, about everything.

Let me explain it, my previous blog was all about “nerd stuff”, like Electronics, Software Development, Databases … and well, you can expect that here too, but not the way I was used to post, I’m thinking about posts with originality, so will be very different, and you can also expect posts about music, art, life disappointments, math, physics, or whatever …

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